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Welcome to Mountain Song Inn 

innkeepers, him in a blue suit and she in a white dress with a floral corsage

Chris and Andy have a combined experience of over 50 years in the service industry and look forward to making your Virginia mountain vacation unforgettable.

Chris retired after 43 years with American Airlines as a Flight Attendant along with several years of restaurant and catering ownership. Andy put himself through college working in various upscale restaurants in the Washington D.C. area, later working as a translator for NIH and Eli Lilly. Andy has lived abroad and is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, & Portuguese. We have traveled extensively throughout various world locations and have a love for meeting new people.

Each morning, we prepare a gourmet, country breakfast for our guests, and we are proud to serve local produce and meats whenever possible. We are inspected and follow all the rules and guidelines of the Floyd County Health Department.

Calli and BK are our two resident, outside-only barn cats, rescued locally. We share our 14 acres with them, but occasionally they can be found lounging on the decks and porches.

We fell in love with Mountain Song Inn in 2006 and were able to purchase the property in February 2009. We retired, said goodbye to Northern Virginia, and opened the Inn in March 2009. It is our desire for everyone to find this wonderful, peaceful, healing place and enjoy it as much as we do.

We extend a sincere welcome to all, to visit, rest a while away from this busy world, and hear the song of the mountains and our inn.

The Song of the Inn

mountains with mist in valley

Now is the time to get away on a Blue Ridge Mountain vacation and hear “the Song of the Inn.”

Our inn’s name, Mountain Song Inn, is simply an endearing term for the place we love, reflecting things of the heart. While you are here, it is our sincerest desire that your heart is stirred in ways only the wonder of nature, peace, quiet, and refined comfort can elicit. Of course, nature’s wonders are manifested in many places, in many ways, not just in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But there is something almost melodious here about the woods, the hills, the sky, and their many moods that engender a nearly inexplicable sense of belonging, of being surrounded by strength, of finding harmony with the soul; hence is evoked the lilting allusion to joyful “song.” If you will: Mountain Song.

The real “song” of our Virginia mountain bed and breakfast is the idea that during your stay you will sense a metaphoric “song in the heart,” an emotional repose of sorts, with which most of we country-lovers are familiar. It’s that feeling of wonder and contentment that lets us know we’re “home;” connecting with our surroundings, even though they aren’t familiar, on a level deep enough to evoke a sense of kindred spirit with them, explicable or not.


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If perchance you want to stay in Floyd County and you find us booked at Mountain Song Inn, please go to and find another lodging facility there. Thank you.