November 27, 2016 by: Andy & Chris Moreno

It is wonderful when guest help with my blog duties, as it isn't one of my favorite things.Carol and her husband only spent one night with us as an anniversary gift from their children, but we do hope they will return. Thank you, Carol

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Virginia to visit family. In spite of my antipathy for long roads and heavy traffic, at least the gray concrete ribbons take us to good times and fun places. While there, we spent a night at a charming B&B; the Mountain Song Inn outside of Willis, VA......(www.mountainsonginn.com). Views of the Blue Ridge were wide and wonderful, the rooms comfortable, the food delicious and the table-settings elegant. There are lovely gardens, one of which surrounded a tiny fenced-in terrace just outside our room. It would be a delightful place to spend a week or so, drinking in the peace and quiet that we so seldom find in today’s world. And just a note;in late May all the Siberian Iris would be in bloom. We enjoyed being with our family too, as well as admiring their wide fields where vultures and hawks are soaring with dips and turns over it all. We met the “Fainting” goats and Buff Orphinton chickens that now inhabit the barn, making chore-time for our granddaughters a reality.Now is the time to check our bookcases, making sure we have some good winter reading; there are old friends sitting on the shelves, but I’ll be adding a few new authors. “A book can be a star,explosive material, capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly, a living fire to brighten the darkness,leading out into the expanding universe.” *** Having books available is nearly as important to me as my “happy light”, and wood for the stove. Be sure, too, to have lots of candles. A few years ago,friends were in for an evening of pinochle, and we needed those candles. Just as we sat down to play,the power went out. Playing pinochle by many candle-lights gives a whole new ambiance to the game.There is still plenty of opportunity for out-door time in November. Fresh air during the day is essential for good health, and being outside is a mood-enhancer. Birds are still active, especially woodpeckers, as they skitter around a tree checking for bugs, and then hammer away to make noise.Last winter, a downy woodpecker found metal we had put on a shed door and had a marvelous,reverberating time. I think the bears have left us --- for now. One wandered through in October, and he/she/it pulled down three feeders, so I’m assuming it was a young one; older bears generally show more finesse. We’ve heard that there used to be some coal-mining around Erin (a few miles away)and that the old mines are still accessible. We have often wondered where the bears go --- and maybe that’s the answer.I hope your Thanksgiving is one to truly bring you happiness and that when you count all the things for which you are grateful --- there are so many that you lose count.

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