Planning a Romantic Blue Ridge Mountain Getaway

looking down onto lake with fall folige on mountains

Freelance Contribution by Sally Writes 

There’s no doubt about it – Virginia is for lovers. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a  romantic date or getaway with your partner, with everything from majestic natural scenery to intimate fine dining options. In recent years the Virginia tourism industry has been booming, with over 40 million annual visitors who are looking to get closer to each other and nature. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy some one-on-one time with the people who matter the most, consider booking a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Virginia.

What to Do

There are plenty of places to hike along the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway to find spots of interests for picnics, walks, or bird-watching. Around forty miles of the parkway is located in Floyd County, offering countless pit-stops for nature-lovers. 

The Rock Castle Gorge Trail is another favorite spot for hiking enthusiasts. The loop covers almost eleven miles that offer unbeatable views of unique waterfalls and rock formations. This can be a challenging trail, however, and is best reserved for more experienced hikers.

Where to Eat

In the afternoon, you can head out to one of the Blue Ridge area vineyards to enjoy a wine tasting session. The Chateau Morrisette Winery handcrafted specialty wines such as Blue Dog and Black Dog along with over twenty other varietals. The nearby Villa Appalaccia Winery boasts attractive Mediterranean architecture and varietals ranging from Pinot Grigio Cabernet Franc. 

When you start feeling peckish, you can also get fine food for lunch and dinner at the Chateau Morrisette Restaurant. The Blue Ridge Cafe specializes in traditional Virginia comfort foods such as pot pie and meatloaf. The Pine Tavern Restaurant serves family-style meals, which is perfect after a long day of hiking outdoors.

Staying In

If you’re planning a romantic getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you don’t have to feel obligated to hit the town every night. Sometimes, it’s nice to stay in and relax with your partner. If you’re staying at a resort, you can order room service or book an intimate couple’s massage. You can also plan out your own candlelit evening together, complete with wine and appetizers. If you go wine tasting, you can pick up a bottle or two for yourselves afterward, or you can ask your concierge for recommendations. Southern

Virginia is well-known for its fine wines thanks to its temperate climate and fertile soil.Virginia is also world-renowned for its food. You can stop by local farmers markets along the Blue Ridge Parkway to get a taste of some local comfort foods and fresh produce. In the fall, you can find freshly harvested apples to add to your evening charcuterie menu.

Whether you’re booking your first getaway together or planning to propose, the Mountain Song Inn at Blue Ridge Mountains offers the perfect setting for romance in all Southern Virginia. You can enjoy the scenery, get a bite to eat, or just stay in and enjoy each other’s company. No matter what you’re looking for, Floyd County and the surrounding area has something to offer for everyone.