Experience The Beauty Of The Blue Ridge Mountains Up Close

sunrise/sunset over mountains

Guest blog by Sally Writes

Every year millions of visitors, come to The Blue Ridge Mountains to experience the incredible scenery and see the local wildlife. It is an area of stunning natural beauty that you simply can’t miss if you are staying at the Mountain Song Inn – you just need to stand on the porch. Whilst you are on vacation, go hiking, camping or  simply sit outside and admire the view. You can experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge up close – it is Mother Nature at her best.

Early morning hike

If you want to see the mountains in all their glory, you can take one of the guided hikes with the experienced local gurus. They can take you to the best places to see the sun coming up in the morning, glowing deep orange over the Appalachian trail. Early in the day is the best time to spot the deer – sometimes you can see herds with as many as forty. It is also the ideal time to spot rare eagles soaring above the ridge, making the most of the rising air currents. One of the best times of year for a hike is in October and November, when the leaves of the trees are changing from green to dark orange, reds and golds.

A little camping trip

If you want to experience nature up close, you could always spend a night camping while you are on vacation. On your first camping trip, don’t forget to take plenty of warm clothing and a good, insulated sleeping bags. Even in the warm summer months, the temperature can drop drastically at night. Make sure that you don’t leave food lying around when you are camping. The native animals include Black American Bears, Raccoons and Bobcats. Generally the animals are extremely wary of humans, but you don’t want to attract unwanted animals in search of a meal. Camping can give you the opportunity to experience the vast beauty of the mountains up close and see how the landscape changes even in the space of 24 hours. You might even get to find out what makes the mountains blue!

Sunset dining on the porch

You don’t even have to leave the Mountain Song Inn if you want a sunset picnic looking over the Blue Ridge Mountains. You only have to sit out on the porch admiring the view. Out on the covered deck, there are bistro tables and chairs all set up waiting. Or you can have a comfortable swing in one of the rocker chairs. There are plenty of local places that you can pick up some delicious takeout, such as hand crafted wood-fired pizza from Dogtown Roadhouse, or baby back ribs from Bootleg BBQ, both in nearby Floyd. Don’t forget to make your sunset meal perfect, with a bottle of wine from the nearby Chateau Morrisette Winery.

The beauty of The Blue Ridge Mountains will take your breath away. Experiencing it up close, you can see nature at its best.