Capturing The Essence Of Spirituality In Floyd County VA

man sitting on edge of rock overlooking mountains

Freelance Contribution by Sally Writes 

Gaining spiritual clarity in an area as beautiful as Floyd County is a walk in the park. Areas such as the Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve and events such Weekly Mindfulness classes allow residents to regain spiritual grounding on a regular basis. The breathtaking opportunities to bring the spirit back to its roots amidst a busy daily routine is a great reason to stick around.

Come for the fresh air, stay for the mountains

Many people come to the area for spiritual healing due to the numerous outdoor places for rejuvenation. Nestled in the mountains, this county offers the type of relaxation not readily found in a busy city center. Whether camping, staying in a rustic inn or settling down to live here, there is always a chance for a calming spirituality session. Climbing atop the Blue Ridge Mountains or sitting quietly in the nature preserve both provide for meditation or reconnection with the spirit. In fact, the area nurtures the spirit so well that a Christian group has established a retreat in the area. Children of all ages are welcome to come to the camp for spiritual guidance, study in the religion, and healing in nature. Other groups, such as Buddhist and Hindu religions, have also settled here, realizing its immense spiritual opportunities. 

Why nature?

Why do people choose to heal the spirit within nature? Being outdoors has a dynamic effect on a human. The fresh air makes the body breathe a bit deeper, increasing respiration and circulation, allowing for clearer thought. The sun provides important nutrients, and the exercise gained from walking through the woods burns calories. Overall, moods are improved after spending time outdoors, as a University of Michigan study proved. The study tested the memories of two groups, one in a forest and one on a city street. The forest group fared better in memory tests than those from the city. The peace, serenity, and clarity of mind are exactly why people choose to immerse themselves in nature when seeking spirituality for many different reasons.

Floyd County VA is one of the best places to seek spirituality within nature. It is breathtaking and built around the beauty within its borders. It provides so much spiritual support that spiritual guidance camps are set up there. Seeking spiritual healing in this county will lead to rejuvenation and a clearer vision of the future.