Get To Know Floyd

For all things Floyd, check out our new tourism website: http://visitfloydva.com

We have only lived in Floyd County, VA since 2009, we will always be newcomers, not a bad thing at all to be as the locals are all wonderful and very nice to us. We have made friends with neighbors who have been in the area for 30 years, and yes, they are still newcomers.

Shortly after we purchased Mountain Song Inn we gathered all local lodging places within a 30 mile radius and formed the Floyd Lodging Association. This little association was quite informal, we paid dues and carried our cash around in a bank bag, never wanting to be more than a group sharing ideas and passing on the names of our members to visitors when we were full. It has been very successful, we have come to realize that our healthy competition is not a threat, but a blessing, we are all so different in facilities and personalities that together we have what any visitor to Floyd County or the Blue Ridge Parkway would want. So look no further you have found the links to everything a Floyd Tourist needs to know, lodging directory and tourism website for a quick look at what is going on when you come for a visit.

Just don't forget that Mountain Song Inn should be your first lodging site, then you can check out the others. We hope to see you soon. 



Floyd County is fortunate to have a new tourism director, Pat Sharkey, who is doing a wonderful marketing job for us, and our new tourism website, www.visitfloydva.com is a wonderful place to start when planning your trip to Floyd County. Hope to see you soon.